As-Fitted Drawing

‘As-Fitted’   /   ‘As-Installed’   /   ‘As-Built’   /   ‘Record’   Drawing

Design & CAD - AS Fitted Drawings


We can Quickly & Cost Effectively   Produce   As-Fitted   /  As Installed   /  As Built   /   Record Drawings   for the ‘O&M’ manuals:
Electrical Lighting,   Power,   Fire Alarm,   Data & Communications,   Security,   Air Conditioning   &   Plumbing Systems Drawings,
For   Mechanical & Electrical Contractors,   HVAC,   Sprinkler,   Security,   Fit-Out Contractors,   Consultants & Specialists.

These Drawings are usually required at the   End of a Project, to form part of the Project’s Handover,
where the drawings are an important part of the `Operating & Maintenance’   manual information.


Without these drawings, the Client can sometimes   `Withhold Payment’ , as these drawings usually form part of the contract.


This Set of drawings, usually shows the systems layouts   Finally Installed / Fitted, for the Client / Building User.
The drawings should include any   Changes / Modifications   which occurred   `On-Site’   from the   Original paper drawings.

These Drawings can be Extremely Useful, Especially for any Future   `Facilities Maintenance’ or `Systems Upgrade’   Works.

Typically we can Add your   Company Logo   &   Address Details   to the Drawing Title sheets, then Complete your Drawing Modifications, before Updating the Drawing’s Status to :   `As- Fitted’, ` As-Installed’, `As Built’,   or   `Record Drawing’.


On Completion, we can e-mail the   New Drawings   back to your company, in   `Fully Openable’ .Pdf   &   CAD format.