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About Us

Here at   Design & CAD,   We are   Dedicated to providing `Cost-Effective’ CAD services in the following Areas :
Architectural,   Mechanical & Electrical Services,   Structural Engineering,   Prototypes   and   `Paper to CAD’   Drawings Conversions.

Our   'Cutting-Edge'   Expertise will   Successfully Complete your requirements, ranging from 2D CAD Drawings to 3D Animations.
We Specialise in Producing CAD drawing's & CAD Models Utilising Established Techniques & industry standard CAD software,

We have over 25 years 'Technical Experience' and can Help provide your Company with   Quality CAD Works at Very Low Prices.

The CAD Works at our company is Produced by   `Engineering Technicians’   in their Relevant Discipline,   to Help minimise any errors.
We also Treat Every Client’s Enquiry in Total Confidence & We Endeavour to Exceed your Expectations in Every Area of our Business.
We can also Adhere to your   Company's CAD Works Standards and the CAD works would be Completed Professionally.

As we have been involved in the   Design & CAD Drawing works on a Wide Variety of Commercial, Residential and Industrial Projects,  
We Feel Confident that we could Help your Company with the Quality CAD Works at the Competitive Prices that you Desire.

Therefore if you require   Professional and Affordable   Design & CAD Services / Surveys / Printing & Scanning Services / CAD Works,