Our Services :

Architectural CAD

Building   Plan Layouts,   Site Plans,   Space Planning,   Elevations,   Sections,   3D `Photo-Realistic’ Building Visuals,   Animations,
Building 'Walk-through'   &   'Fly-Around' DVD’s, which are   Excellent at Generating   'Pre-Construction'   Sales & Investments.

Civil & Structural CAD

Layout   Drawings,   Sections,   3D Modelling   & Structural Visualisations,   Also   'Detailing Drawings'   to   Enable Fabrication.

Electrical Services CAD

Lighting Layouts,   Power, Data & Fire Alarm Layouts,   Electrical CAD Schematics, Wiring Diagrams & `As-Fitted’ / `As-Built’ Drawings.

Mechanical Services CAD

Air Conditioning   &   Ventilation Systems -   M&E CAD Drawings,   Detailed `Workshop’ Drawings   & `As-Fitted’ / `As-Builts’,
System `Schematics', Heating & Chilled Water Layouts , Refrigeration, Oil, Fire, Gas, Plumbing, Drainage   & Sprinkler Drawings.
2D & 3D   M&E CAD `Co-Ordination’ / Fully Co-Ordinated CAD Drawings, if required.

'As-Fitted'   /   'As-Installed'   /   'As Built'   /   'Record'   Drawings   /   FM   Drawings

We can quickly and cost effectively produce these for the 'O&M Manuals',   Please   'Click Here'   for more details.

Prototypes & `Rapid Prototyping’

Prototype 3D CAD Modelling,   Detailed Drawings   &   Machine Usable Data,   to Help the Fabrication Process.

`Paper to CAD Drawings’   &   images / PDF's to CAD Drawings   -   `CAD Conversion' Service

We Offer an Excellent Drawing's Conversion service at Very Low Cost. Paper Drawings Converted into CAD Drawings Format.             We can Also Convert images or PDf's into CAD Drawings Format, then e-mail the Converted Drawings to you.

Site Surveys   &   Drawings Print Service

We can also   Visit Site to `Measure-up’ Areas & we can also provide a   Drawings `Printing Service’,   if required.